Abigail Sullivan Moore


What They're Saying

"Abby's engaging, intelligent, and balanced presentation on this timely issue was well received by students, faculty, and parents and spurred a great deal of conversation about health relationships and quality communication."

Julia Eells, Head of School, Lincoln School, Providence, RI                        

Abby's talk to KO parents and the community was engaging, entertaining, humorous, very enlightening and offered practical suggestions. It provoked a great conversation among the parents. Parents left the workshop with more knowledge and tools on how to strike a balance between staying in touch with their kids and giving them enough room to become independent."

 Ronit Shoham, Parent Association, Kingswood-Oxford School, West Hartford, CT

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What Is 'The iConnected Parent'?

Our ability to connect 24/7 has changed parenting and kids’ ability to grow up. This shift has occurred so rapidly though, that there’s been little guidance on how to navigate this new digital landscape. Now, the advice to just “let go” is about as relevant as a rotary phone. The iConnected Parent: Staying Close to your Kids in College (and Beyond) While Letting Them Grow Up, a book built on reporting and research fills this void.

It’s a practical guide for any parent with a cell phone or laptop, trying to figure out how to keep in touch with their kids while still giving them enough space to grow. Told through the compelling voices of parents, students, and those who work with kids in the years before, during and after college, it also provides simple tips for parents on how to handle typical scenarios fostered by a finger on a keypad or a click of a mouse. Though The iConnected Parent focuses on college, it also speaks to parents of students in middle and high school. What happens then carries over into the college years and beyond.

Abigail Sullivan Moore