Abigail Sullivan Moore



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USA Today

“Are cellphones, Facebook and e-mail morphing into the campus equivalents of baby monitors? And are these digital tethers healthy for college students and their parents?

That’s the question posed by The iConnected Parent, a thoughtful and accessible guide that examines a new reality in which going off to college no longer means a weekly phone call home on Sunday night. Read more...

Library Journal

There are many good titles on the negative effects of helicopter parenting, but this distinctive book focuses on the technological aspects of parenting and how the electronic tether of instant communication is undermining young adults' abilities to problem-solve effectively. Read more...

The Online Mom

Many observers believe that teens are exposed to far too much technology and that relationships with parents and other family members can often suffer as a result. However, a new book published earlier this month takes a different approach, arguing that in many cases it’s the parents that are too immersed in technology, particularly when it allows them to influence their children’s lives. Read more...

Abigail Sullivan Moore