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Sue Seligman's reviews

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recommended for: parents of college age kids


I started this book over the weekend...and boy does it hit home. The ties between parents and their children are so much tighter these days, even tighter than 5 years ago when our oldest went to college. Now communication is literally at our fingertips with e mail, IM, texting, video chat (although I don't know how to do that...lol).

This book shows how difficult it is to break the ties between the generations as this year's freshmen go off to college. Not only do parents have difficulty letting go, but so do their kids. Back in the dark ages, when I went to school, if I called home once a week, it was a lot, and it was like pulling teeth to get through a conversation with my over-protective mother without fighting. Now, according to these authors, both kids and parents have difficulty breaking the apron strings. It is not unusual for kids and parents to be in touch more than once every day with the use of technology. This close contact can impede the children from becoming independent and being able to successfully solve their own problems. Even though I recognize myself throughout the book so far, I feel it is an important book for me to read as I prepare to say goodbye to my baby as he leaves for his freshman year at a school 4 hours away...more later when I finish the book.

--Sue Seligman, Sue Seligman Reviews, August  23, 2010

Abigail Sullivan Moore